What a Difference 20 Pounds Can Make!

I finally found some time to take a few pics to show you the difference in my weight. I *think* these before pictures have me at around 195 pounds, and the ones on the right show me today (172lbs). I still have A LOT of work to do, and part of that work is to stop stepping on the scale daily. (See #4 here at Mark’s Daily Apple, one of my favorite resources.) In a nutshell, I am gaining muscle, and I need to be mindful of that before that number on the scale in the morning determines my mood for the day. I’m sure many of you know exactly what I mean.

Anyway, on to the pictures. Pay no mind to my messy bathrooms. πŸ™‚



(I’m not an outtie bellybuttoner, that poke is from the tie on my pants!)




I gotta say – I’m at a bit of a sticky part in this process. My boobs are shrinking fast & I feel like it’s making the rest of me look bigger, like my stomach and my butt. HOWEVER, I am definitely gaining muscle, and I feel like I can get through more reps and sets of the classes I’ve been taking.

Having said all that, I do see the progress. I’ve gone from an XL to a M in most clothing – and my bra size has shrunk from a D38 to a C34. So I know things are happening.Β More importantly, I see a HUGE difference in how I handle stress, how I sleep, and how I juggle everything.

I have several goals laid out for this year (and beyond), and I’ll share those soon. I just wanted to whip out this post before I head to the gym!



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